3 Incredible Tips and Tricks to Humanize Your Blog Content!

Everyone around you is human – your partners, bosses, employees, customers and even your social media fans and followers. Ever thought why you communicate with them as if they are some machine or some robot that will only read your business talk and won’t be interested in anything else apart from it? I guess no one of us ever did.

3 Incredible Tips and Tricks to Humanize Your Blog Content

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to have a blog if you run any kind of business. But it’s not just about having a blog. The real thing is to create a human connection.

Now, first let me explain what does human connection means in blogging. Being a business owner, you know what your audience wants from you, what they want to see, hear and understand. Your audience wants you to get in touch with them through your products and services.

In other words, they want you to help them in achieving their aims and objectives. They want content that delivers appropriate conversation and makes them think and understand what actually your products or services have to offer.

However, there are very few businesses that are following this strategy. Most of the bloggers tend to become so focused on promoting their brand that they even forget why they were doing it in the first place.

Therefore, if you want your blog to create that human angle in your, then you have to do a reality check on the nature of your content.

So What Exactly Does “Humanizing Your Blog” Means?

People always love content that has a human connection. But creating such content requires an engaging approach to blogging, especially when your business revolves around e-commerce.

So, first let me define what “humanizing your blog” even means.

“Humanizing your blog” means that you make your readers aware of the fact that there are humans working behind your blog. The same goes for humanizing your brand as well.

In a nutshell, “humanizing your blog” means building your blog in such a way that it continuously reminds readers that there are humans behind the blog. Once you inject this belief in the readers, you instantly gain the trust of your readers which is the first step towards making a strong relationship with them.

Here are some tips that can help you humanize your blog and develop a sense of human connection with your readers:

#1. Keep A Natural Tone

Keeping a natural tone is the first step towards creating engaging content. Although the tone of your writing might not appear to be important for you, it carries importance for your readers. The tone you use allows you to express yourself through your writing in a distinctive manner.

While writing content for your blog, you should focus only on finding “yourself” rather than finding your “voice.”You can take help by visiting other people’s blogs and see whether their words feel natural or have just been written from the head.

#2. Infuse Your Blog With Emotions

This one is perhaps one of the best tips when it comes to humanizing your blog. But the question is how can you incorporate emotions into a blog? Sounds absurd, right? Well, here’s how you can do it:

For example, if you have a blog about life experiences, you must always and always write in the first person. Readers are attracted to talks that are in the first person because these talks carry emotions with them. But what if you have a blog about e-commerce? How will you put emotions into it then? There are a few ways.

First of all, incorporating emotions doesn’t at all mean that you have to make your readers laugh or cry. Rather it means showing passion for the product or service you’re delivering in the following ways: creating a video, writing personal stories and focusing on common interests of readers.

So, try to add emotions to your writing so that you can develop a true relationship with your readers and customers.

#3. Put Ample Time Writing Your “About Us” Page

Incorporating a lot of time in writing the About Us page of your blog is another good way to humanize it. Usually, a company’s About Us page only includes information about the business. But it’s different in the case of a blog. When writing an ‘About Us’ page for your company’s blog, you can introduce yourself and your team members to the audience.

Over to you

You can also make use of any type of graphics and talk about achievements of your team, making this one page lively and informative for the readers. You can also describe here how your business can add value to the reader’s life. Try to reflect the mission and personality of your brand or product in this section.

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Vishwajeet Kumar is a proud owner and author of this blog. He is a Pro blogger and digital marketer. He loves to write on topics related to technology, Marketing, Business, Internet, etc. He also loves to connect with people worldwide and help to become successful in their online ventures. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

6 Comments on “3 Incredible Tips and Tricks to Humanize Your Blog Content!”

  1. Good tips Vishwajeet! Keeping a natural, relaxed, chill tone is hands down the easiest way to humanize blog content. I also suggest adding plenty of live video to your online arsenal. Bloggers sleep on this but going live makes you more human. I may read words and see avatars but if I see a blogger speaking live I make a deeper connection with them.

  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Great tips out there, it seems, been a long time, I haven’t updated my about page, time to spend some time on it.

    Indeed, writing content with a soft and interactive tone always works. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day ahead!

  3. Hi Vishwajeet,
    Loved this post on “Humanizing Your Blog” What a perfect way to describe – just be YOU!
    I visit so many blogs that are just dry, dying for emotion. In a nutshell, I would discribe it like this – tell a STORY not the news!! People LOVE stories.
    It was when I changed the “voice” of my “blog”, I began to see reader engagement.
    If your interested, I found an AWESOME site that list TONS of emotional words to help impact your writings HERE

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