4 Reasons Why I have changed my Domain Name?

Changing domain name was not an easy decision for me. It takes lots of time and efforts in doing research about the consequences of changing a domain name. I know when you grow your blog; it is quite hard to change the domain name as it can lose your site ranking and backlinks.

In this article, I am going to show you the reasons why I have changed my domain name?

#1. I am looking for something short and easy to remember Domain.

Since the starting of my blogging journey, I am looking for something short, punchy and easy to remember domain name. My earlier domain (imbloggingtips) is quite long and it is quite hard to remember the name of it if you don’t subscribe or bookmark the site.

Finally, I have found something interesting and register Techblog360.com It is short punchy and easy to remember. After changing the domain name the very first comments I receive on my Facebook messenger from my friends and followers that the new domain is awesome and easy to remember.

#2. Covering Maximum topics in tech-related category

You know Tech is a very vast niche. It’s not limited to computers, Andriod, laptops etc. Almost everything that we use in our day to day life comes under tech niche. I always am a tech enthusiastic person and loves to write on topics related to Technology and you know it always inspires me.

It is one of my primary reasons to change the domain name. I want to give my readers as much as possible quality content, helpful tips, and tricks that can solve their problems or help them in any way.

#3.  Site hits penalty.

People learn from mistakes. So, I do. Due to aggressive backlinking, My blog hits penalty from Google and I have tried a lot but did not be able to recover from them. From past few months, my ranking is constantly going down for many keywords. I am losing a lot of traffic. So bad.

So, Without fighting too much I think I would change the domain and do things precisely and with precision.

#4. Diversify my income stream

Previously I am covering a small group of categories and soon realize that I am losing a ton of money. Why?  Because I constantly receive sponsored posting, paid advertisements offer from various clients in different categories in Tech niche. So, covering a majority of topics can be lucrative for both me and for my readers.

Please note here that I am not a greedy person. I only accept advertisements that suit my reader’s needs and help them. I can’t lose my readers for the sake of few dollars. So, quality always is my first preference.

These are some of the reasons that I have changed my domain name. Changing a domain name can be risky in following ways:

  • It loses ranking and backlinks.
  • If your site is established, you may lose a lot of readers.
  • Your traffic will go down. If you not have done the proper SEO and redirection.
  • You lose DA and PA of your site.

Changing a domain name without any prior reason can be disastrous for you. So, If you don’t have a valid reason then please do not transfer your domain name.

How I move my Domain name?

Changing a domain name without losing traffic can be a tricky and hefty job. I am always thankful to Namecheap as they are my hosting provider. I simply chat with them and they have changed my domain name in real time. Buy Namecheap Hosting for just $2.99 Per month.

But it is not enough, you have to update the URL of your blog to the new one. If you are transferring your hosting to another hosting provider (I prefer Namecheap) then just submit a request to your new hosting provider and they will transfer your blog free of cost.

To update the URL of your blog. Just log in to your cpanel and open phpmyadmin. Click on your database. In the database table click options field and change the URL of your blog to the new one.

update URL in Database

You can use plugins like Velvet Blues Update URLs to replace your blog URLs from old to new one.

You also have to edit the .htaccess file for proper redirection if you are using SSL on your blog. Just replace the old URL to New one. Check every link and pages to make sure that everything is working fine.

If everything works great then you are all set to go. Now comes the Part of SEO.

How to redirect your old domain to the new one?

This is a very important job to make sure that you don’t lose any traffic and ranking. When you change the domain name, you have to do proper redirection using 301 and .htaccess. Add the following line to your old domain .htaccess file

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://newdomain.com/ [R=301]

Replace the “newdomain” with your new domain name. Add https if you are using SSL.

Login to your webmasters tools account. Add your new domain name. Make sure you do have the old domain name on same webmasters account. Now click and open the old website. Click the “gear” icon at the right top of the screen

change of address

Click Change site address. Follow all the steps and click submit a change request. Google will now replace all of your old blog links with the new one and it does not affect your keyword ranking.

You are all set with your domain name. These steps will ensure that you have done everything precisely.


I am quite confident that I have everything precise and already see the flow of traffic to my new domain name. I am always thankful to my readers and blogger friends who always support and appreciate my efforts. I hope you will support my decision. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in comments.

About Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar is a proud owner and author of this blog. He is a Pro blogger and digital marketer. He loves to write on topics related to technology, Marketing, Business, Internet, etc. He also loves to connect with people worldwide and help to become successful in their online ventures. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

15 Comments on “4 Reasons Why I have changed my Domain Name?”

    1. There is no need to do anything. Just add the new domain to AdSense trusted site list. You can do it by login to your account. But Make sure your new site comply with Google policies.

  1. Hey bro
    congratulations on the successful move.
    I see you have also reverted to the traditional WP commenting system.

    Now as you are doing SEO redirect, won’t the penalty reflect on the new domain? I can understand this is hard to chew.

    ~ Enstine

    1. Hello Enstine,

      Thanks for stopping by. No, it won’t reflect the penalty to a new domain because I did not link directly with the original source. This redirection will be automatically deactivated after 90 days.

  2. Cool bro. No worries on this; you made a freeing, fun move toward greater prospering. Weird; the moment I let go caring about Google traffic I had greater and greater success. My backlinks are in a billion spots LOL. So even though I have little or no Google traffic now I am getting a ton of traffic from all these sources.

  3. The new name looks pretty amazing and easy to remember.

    We both have had similar experiences. You got hit by Google penalty and shifted to a new name whereas I redirected my domain name to a new one which apparently was hit by Google penalty. However, I managed to get it clean.

    Great job Vishwajeet.

    – Shafi

  4. Hi Vishwajeet Thanks for explaining your choice.congratulations on the successful move.
    I see you have also reverted to the traditional WP commenting system.

    1. Hello Amit,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have reverted to traditional WP commenting system. Will check it for next few months on this new domain.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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