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Vishwajeet KumarWelcome to My Blog. My name is Vishwajeet Kumar, I am the owner and founder of this Blog. I have completed my B.B.A at Jaipur National University. After completing my 10+2, I have a big interest in the online world.

From that time I am doing some freelance works like script installation, website designing, online marketing. After few years of my freelance job, I have read some success stories from people online about blogging. After that, I started writing on different topics like Technology,  Internet Marketing, Marketing, SEO, WordPress etc. Soon after I start receiving good response from people online.

I also love to connect with people online and help them to become successful in their online ventures.

My Blogging Journey

Blogging now becomes my passion and I realize it when I have written few articles for my clients. It really encourages me a lot to write more articles.  A few months back when I was just written articles for fun and few bucks as well :), I did not understand the credibility of blogging. With the span of time, I have started reading the success stories of the bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from blogging.

Reading Success stories of bloggers motivates me a lot and encourage me to start my own blog.  Since I belong to a Middle-class family and according to Our Indian society blogging is still not a valid option for an individual’s career. But I found myself very lucky.

I have got full encouragement and motivation from My family members, especially from my Mother and My elder brother. Both of them really motivates me a lot. Soon after getting encouragement from my family, I have chosen to blog as a Full-time career option.

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About Techblog360.com

Techblog360.com  is founded by Vishwajeet Kumar. Techblog360 is a place where we provide useful and relevant information on different topics like Technology, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, Web Hosting etc.  The sole purpose of this blog is to provide you relevant and helpful articles that resonate with our readers. I hope you all will find the blog useful and full of information.

If you think that you can also contribute yourself to our blog then you can also submit a guest to our blog. We always looking for authentic and quality Guest posters. You can read more about on Guest posting to our blog at Write for us page.