Google Major Ranking Factor That Affects SEO

As digital marketing is in trend nowadays. Every businessman uses digital marketing strategies for the growth of their business. Everyone use SEO, SMM, SMO for improving their ranking position on google but some of the sites come in top 10 positions while other still struggling to make their position on search engine.

This is all depending on how you use digital marketing techniques for this firstly understanding the Google ranking site is relevant and useful. After understanding all the major factors start doing work according to that then no doubt your site also get high rank on google. Check all the google updates time to time to improve website ranking because of every Google update such that google panda update, Google Penguin update, Hummingbird update, mobile-friendly update etc.

Ranking affects a lot. Digital marketing is an important aspect of website online visibility and every organization needs experienced candidates to handle their websites effectively because of this number of digital marketing jobs also increased.


Content: Content is the first thing that affects your ranking. That is why nowadays content is considered a king. Every organization focuses on the unique and quality content. Content gains its value after google panda update. After update most of the sites ranking downs because of the duplicity of content. While some of the sites that contain unique and quality content come to a higher position. So always keep in mind somethings whenever you publish content on websites. First thing does not copy or paste content from another site. Focus on the length of content, mention your target keyword in your article/ blog or ads.

Link Building

Link Building: Rather than quantity, quality matters a lot. It is better for you to focus on quality backlinks. Submit your content to those sites that provide you a quality backlink. Search engine counts all the links that point towards your website but they don’t count them all equally or search engine doesn’t give every link same weight. Because of this reason some of the pages come on top while other not. They give more weight to the links that contain more quality. So, before publishing your content to any website it is very necessary to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that website and also check the relevancy that site is relevant according to your content or not.

page speed and loadtime

Speed/ Loading time: This is another major ranking factor. Your website speed has a great impact on your ranking, search engine, as well as users, loves the websites that will not take much time to open. Google expects the pages to be load within 3s or less but not more than that. If your website loading speed is more than 5s than improve your website loading time. Google research shows that chance of bounce rate will be increased by 33% if your website takes more than 4 to 5s to load. It has been proven time to time that faster your site better your result will be. So, always keep in mind the speed/loading time of website whenever you create a website.


On-Page SEO: Mention all your Meta tags properly such as Meta keywords, Meta title, Meta Description. Mention all the keywords with after full analysis, check all the competitors’ keywords search most used keywords then implement on your site. Start with the title, focus on the length of title mention keyword in your title, and make an attractive title to increase the clicks on your site. With keywords and title make a user-friendly URL because URL shows the hierarchy of your pages. This information helps the users to understand what the page is about.

URL Structure

URL structure: This is another Major thing to keep in mind user love to read easy to understand the content or even URL. So, it is very important that when you create URL for your website then they must be simple, don’t use special characters, percentage sign, spaces in your URL. Define the URL that helps users to understand what the page is all about. Not only user’s search engines also give preference to easy to understand URL’s overlong URL.

For Instance: define the URL starting with domain name followed by category then followed by page name (, keyword use in a URL is the best practice to increase the rank of the website. So, don’t create unusual links simply create a link that contains the keyword. Keeping URL as simple, short, accurate as possible, rather than ID and numbers use words in your link.

These are the entire major ranking factor that affects the google ranking. Focus on all these factors before doing any off-page SEO activities. If your website loading time is high and not mobile friendly, and the sitemap is not properly implemented than none of the effort working. So, before doing anything else check all these things for getting traffic.

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8 Comments on “Google Major Ranking Factor That Affects SEO”

  1. Hey Khushboo,

    Good to see you here.
    You have touched on the basics and that’s important.
    The 3 main ranking factors according to SEJ are Links, Content and Rankbrain. You can break these down to over 200 signals

    Rankbrain in itself is not a standalone signal like the other two. Rankbrain is a couple of factors Google puts together to interpret search terms & searchers intent to determine where an entry should be placed on SERP.

    Hope you both are set for a wonderful week ahead

  2. Hi Khushboo and Vishwajeet,

    I find that Google’s changes are beneficial. Mostly because of content. Good original content is what people are looking for instead of a keyword stuffed one like the “old days.” Also people want to find things fast and that is why we there is a need for speed. When we consider that many people are looking for information on their mobile phones instead of computers these days, we have to have a fast download time.

    All the changes are great for the person that is looking for information as well as us…the givers of information.


  3. Original and quality content always helps in getting rank higher in search engines. You should write for humans instead of search engine bots because the most famous search engine Google always prefer the web pages to shown on top that are informative and useful for its users.

  4. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Google never award you for high speed, but it penalizes you for slow speed.

    If you can understand this line that means you have discovered the one secret of the major ranking factor.

    It is the time when AI is the right hand of Google. It helps them to find culprits quickly.

    Thanks for sharing the points, everyone should work on.

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