How to Create quality Backlinks

How to create Quality Backlinks? This is one of the common and widely asked questions by bloggers and webmasters. Backlinks are considering as a backbone of your website SEO. When we are talking about the rankings in search engine result page, backlinks plays a vital role in it.

Nobody can rank their site without backlinks. Webmasters pump hundred of dollars to increase their backlinks but due to Google strict policy and several algorithm updates, it is really a tough task to gain quality backlinks.

how to create quality backlinks

I always prefer and recommend quality over quantity. Always make backlinks from natural and organic sources. Don’t ever try to buy backlinks, you will easily get caught by Google and your website gets a penalty from them.

Google recently updated their penguin 4.0 which is now their part of core algorithm and available in real time. This update mainly targeted sites with poor and low-quality backlinks. So, it is a clear message to webmasters not to gain any links that are from unnatural sources.

Today in this article, I will show you how to create quality backlinks with these simple steps and it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything for it. It is also one of the safest ways to create quality backlinks.

Quality Content

Quality content always plays a great role in driving natural backlinks to your blog or website. When you post relevant and quality content that helps your readers, they love to link back you on their website and also share them with their friends.

The key reason behind a successful blogger is to provide relevant and quality content that resonates with their readers. So, you cannot ignore the importance of quality content.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best practices to create quality backlinks from high authority websites. Most of the people think that Guest posting is almost dead now. But the fact is that it is still one of the effective ways to create backlinks. Most of the blog owners still looking for Guest authors for their blog.

You can contribute your articles to increase your authority as well as get quality backlinks.  The important part of guest posting is, don’t do guest posting as of creating only backlinks, It will also increase your authority as a professional writer.

Forum Posting

Forums are a great way to create backlinks. Forums help webmasters to connect with like-minded people and increase your networking. Since most of the forums do not offer out do follow backlinks, but they are still effective to increase the visibility of the site. When you started a thread on the forum, it will attract people towards your post and help them to connect with you. I am also using the forum to promote my blog. Join the forums relevant to your niche. It will give you the good result.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a great place to drive high-quality traffic. Most of the Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc. have nofollow backlinks, but they are still an effective way to create backlinks.

Google still count nofollow links as backlinks. The difference is that they do not pass any link juice. Social networking sites help you to promote your brand awareness. Sharing the latest post on your social media profiles help you get quality visitors.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is also an effective way to generate backlinks. Most of the people say that most blogs provide you nofollow backlinks in their comment form. But I find myself that it is also a great way to create backlinks from quality blogs. When you drop a comment to a blog and added some value to the post that people love to connect with you and visit your blog. My blog’s 10% traffic is coming from the comment which I have made in other blogs.

A great example of blog commenting is Ryan Biddulph. He is generously and actively posting comments on other blogs. His comments are genuine, authentic and relevant to the topic.

Connect with Bloggers

You can also connect with other bloggers and ask them if they want to share links with you. Most of the bloggers prefer link sharing with each other. Don’t spam their inbox with a link request. Just send them an email and politely ask them if they are interested in sharing links with you. This is a time taking process but still count as effective.

Don’t forget to generously link back pro bloggers on your post as a reference. It will definitely help you to build a strong bond with them.

Over to you.

There is a lot of misconception among bloggers and webmasters that nofollow links do not have any SEO benefit. Google still count them as backlinks. Since they did not pass any link juice but they are still effective ways to drive traffic and increase your backlink score.

These are some of the easy and most reliable ways to create quality backlinks. Please note that creating only do follow backlink won’t make your job done. You have to create a combination of both the nofollow and do follow backlinks. I hope that you like this article and found it useful. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, Just drop a comment below.

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Vishwajeet Kumar is a proud owner and author of this blog. He is a Pro blogger and digital marketer. He loves to write on topics related to technology, Marketing, Business, Internet, etc. He also loves to connect with people worldwide and help to become successful in their online ventures. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

12 Comments on “How to Create quality Backlinks”

  1. Vishwajeet thanks buddy! Appreciate the shout out. You will see more of me commenting these days. I had a blast with guest posting but time to put a halt on that and to devote myself 100% to publishing to my blog, and to genuine commenting. Feels fun again, you know? I also felt a little burned out with guest posting, and although I saw some rocking returns through the medium, I wanted to invest my energy into something with even greater returns. That would be good old fashioned blog commenting.

    Great to be back!


  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Great write up. Link building is still a game changer for SEO. In fact, you can’t imagine ranking a website without link building.

    But there is only problem with it that is generating quality link building. I see people are still using old link building tactics that are not useful anymore.

    Although, you have published some quality link building techniques but still there many left to cover. I would like to add two of my favorite one is outreaching and broken linkbuilding.

    Umesh Singh

    1. Hey Umesh,

      Yes, You are right. There are many other ways to create quality backlinks. Outreaching and broken link building is definitely one of them. Thanks for your valuable input.

      Have a Great Day 🙂

  3. You’ve said it all Vishwajeet,

    Backlinks are truly the backbone of every website, but that is actually true for websites whose main source of traffic is the search engines. I also know some bloggers who gives no time for search engines of which their primary traffic source is the social media especially Pinterest.

    However, i still and will always maintain that search engine optimization is very paramount to the success of any website, and should always be given an ample consideration and time.

    Talking about how to build backlinks, the very first things to work on when you’re aiming at building backlinks, especially high quality backlinks is good content. And I’m glad you made the number one point here. With high quality and engaging content, you can always easily attract quality backlinks, even without asking for them in most cases. However, you have to first of all promote the heck out of such content before such magic will happen.

    That is why it is why the experts always advise that you should spend 20 percent of your time writing your content, and the remaining 80 percent promoting it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post man, and do have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hey Vishwajeet Sir,
    Very helpful article for beginners like me . Your article is very helpful and very useful. Keep sharing this kind of important information

    Thank You

  5. Kumar, I won’t be wrong if I call Ryan the father of blog commenting worldwide. He influenced us to go in this direction.

    What he’s doing with blog commenting, he’s also doing with guest posting.

    Backlinks from forums, do they really count since it’s nofollow? I do get referral from Quora but nothing can actually supersede traffic from search engine.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful opinion on this subject.

  6. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Great points on link building. Backlinks are essential for any website to get traffic from search engines. But quality is the matter. They should be from genuine, high-quality and non-spammy sites. Commenting is my favorite method to create the link backs.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and valuable tips on the topic.

    Take care,

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