How to Increase your Page Authority (PA)

In my previous article ,I had talked about the Domain Authority (DA) and How to increase it. Now in this article, i will show you how you can increase your Page Authority. Page authority is a metric to calculate the score of your web pages.

It is based on data from web index includes link counts, the trust of your pages, contents and graphics and other dozens of other factors. Page Authority is counting on 100 points, logarithmic scale. So, it’s easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80 which is a more challenging job.

how to increase your page authority

Increasing a website Page Authority in 2018 might be the most trending topic of SEO industry. It’s been a clear indication from Google that they will be ranking a website based on its Page authority and social media engagement. Increasing Page Authority isn’t a rocket science if you follow the few guidelines to maintain the quality of your pages.

Now come to the point How to Increase a Page Authority of a Website. To make it more clear I am discussing few points which will help you to increase your Page Authority:

High-Quality Contents

Content is king always remember it. Try to write quality and rich content which is relevant to the users and the topic of your blog. Google in these days become very aggressive about the contents and start penalizing sites with poor or little content. Avoid to copy and paste articles from other sites or blog.

Social Media

Social Media is considered as one of the top and emerging Traffic sources for Webmasters. Social Media provides you a big platform to engage with a lot of people. So, Try to Increase your Social Media Presence. Engage yourself more with Social media sites and connect with more people. This will help you to fully utilize the power of Social Media Marketing.

Build Quality Backlinks

Creating  Quality Backlinks from High Page rank sites is a tough task for every blogger and webmasters. To create a Quality Backlinks you can go with Guest Posting. Getting quality backlinks from high page rank site is fully dependable on quality content. The more quality content you write, You will automatically get backlinks from high PR sites as they will endorse your content and generously link your site with them. This will count as natural backlinks.

Focus on Internal Backlinks

Linking your pages with the post will drastically increase your website performance as SEO and also consider as a Good SEO Practices. This will boost your site traffic as interlinking works most of the times. Your website has a deep interlinking structure, which will increase your audience engagement.

Frequently Update your Blog

Updating your website regularly will improve your site page authority. Also, make sure that you have updated your site twice a week. This will make people visit your site regularly. So, Write Fresh, and unique contents often. You should also make sure that your website navigation and loading speed are decent enough. Sometimes Google doesn’t like to show your pages with low performance. This might indirectly affect your page authority, but never late! Start improving your website page speed and loading time for good SERP’s.


These few steps and Guidelines will help you to increase your Page Authority. If you have any suggestions or thoughts regarding page authority you can share it with us by commenting below. If you like this article does share it with others. Thanks for reading and keep commenting.

Vishwajeet Kumar

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