Where SEO Industry Heading in 2018?

Well, as 2018 is passing by, we have already halfway dipped our toes in this year. Meanwhile, with ever-evolving digital marketing stream, SEO trends see no sign of disappearance. Nowadays, SEO company in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore have discovered some trends which are needed to be discussed as it is very important to understand and implement the latest trends. You have got to be updated every minute because even the Google algorithms are changing with time, sometimes multiple changes tend to happen within a time period of one month.

SEO trends for 2018

To be a great digital marketing influencer, keep your eyes and ears wide open. Meanwhile, 2017 had noticed a lot of changes in SEO trends such as – the enhancement of HTTPS, reformation of the snippets, increased attention to the voice searches and much more. Do have a look what 2018 is promising for.

 1. More Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Features

You should be aware of the fact that appearing in search results only will not attract the desired traffic to your web page. Gone are the days when only the ranking mattered to attract the traffic across the globe. If you have a close look on SERP, you will get to see images, social media links, videos, numerous widgets, and ads.


The well-renowned search engine page features include reviews, tweets, snippets, Adwords etc. These are the features which genuinely help in getting better page rank on search engine along with the traffic.

2. Page Speed

Nothing seems to be more irritating than waiting for a web page to load. If any website does not load within 5 seconds either on the desktop or on mobile, then customers often tend to switch to some other page looking for their answers. If your website is quite slow then it’s the time to work on it as it might affect your website traffic.

page speed

It is basically an experience for the user. To track the speed of your website, you can rely on Google speed insights. It is suggested that you can take up Google recommendation for up to 3 seconds.

3. Voice Searches

Eventually, Voice searches are increasing. Just like 2017, voice search SEO trend will continue to rule 2018 as well. Increased voice searches mean you will have to go beyond the keyword potential. You will have to include all the phrases and words which people are more likely to say.

People tend to speak differently than they write. Try to use conversational phrases in your web page content to rank up your website. SEO Company in Delhi or any other city is highly dedicated to building up high ranks through voice searches.

4. Proper Structuring of the Rich Snippets

You will go through rich as well as regular snippets. The only difference is that it has more condensed structures including a good title, “|” instead of a dash (-), a meta description as well. You just have to show your concern in how your web page looks like. The results display that a web page with proper structuring of the rich snippet is likely to get more clicks than the ones which are not optimized.

5. Mobile – First- Indexing

As per the statistics, it has been noticed that more than 57% of searches daily occur on the mobile phones. Google also keeps this thing in mind and follows mobile first indexing. In mobile first indexing, Google checks the mobile-friendliness of your website. After it checks and it is being noticed that the website does not support the mobile access, it removes the website from the searches of mobiles.

Mobile First

Just like Google checks the feasibility for desktops, nowadays it is doing same for mobile phones. It is needed and considered to be one of the best SEO trends around.

6. Link Building

It’s already 2018, and link building has no signs of falling out of the trend. It is still suggested to practice regularly as it still tends to be in a good SEO practice list. Even well-known companies which provide SEO services in Delhi or any other city regularly practice it. Without link building, you cannot occupy the first rank over Google. Try to follow the link practices. Practices such as –

  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog commenting
  • Submission of articles to the search engines.
  • Infographic and image submissions.

Along with link building, high-quality web content is a necessity. If people are fascinated and inclined towards web content, they would like to connect to your website more often. A content which is complete with whole relevant information is a good SEO trend to follow today.

7. Visual Search

All of us are naturally inclined to the searches which include images or infographics. Visual searches are changing the direction of searches and it is good to follow the trend and include good quality of images and infographics. As more of the brands are recognizing and implementing it, you need to optimize your visual searches according to the web page to be one step ahead of all other brands.

8. Rankbrain

It is an AI algorithm which studies and concludes the most relevant searches related to one-of-a-kind queries occurred on the web. It usually orders the search results based on the way the user interacts with it. To have a stay over the rank brain, you need to have two components which are Dwell time and click through rate.


  1. Dwell time – It is the time user stays on the web page. It indicates as to how relevant your content is and how many people are interested to engage with your website. So, it has now become crucial to provide quality content to your web page.
  2. Click through rate or CTR is known as the clicks which user do on the search engine. In order to obtain a better CTR, optimize your page and content well.

9. User Experience

User experience is an important part of SEO trend. A good user experience is defined in terms of good content and page friendliness. So, your content needs to be relevant and of high quality. Remove all the irrelevant piece of content, and update it regularly. Make sure that your web page is responsive and provide easy navigation bars and good interfaces. A good user experience means less bounce rate. So, provide better user experience and get better visibility on SERP.

Search engine algorithms, results and search behaviors changes every single day. Keeping updated yourself with these SEO trends is mandatory to keep your website in a good position. Stay ahead of all the brands by following these SEO trends. Many SEO companies have discovered these practices which have shown commendable results. Without SEO practice, success won’t come to you. So instead of refraining from the practice, involve these on your website to gain quick and better results.

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